Rats of the past, but always in my heart

This page is dedicated to those of our rat family who have crossed the rainbow bridge. I have listed here the age (as close as I can recall) and cause of death if known, of each rat shown if they were part of my breeding program. I feel this is important for my data collection. There are also some rats that are not my breeders but from my stock and then some pictures of pets that I had taken pictures of. Eventually those will be placed on a different page, such as perhaps the others' page. In the future I plan to create a database of my rats information. It's just my opinion, but I would hope more breeders will become more open about the health and lifespan of their breeding stock as well. In the long run this could be a great means of helping each other improve health and longevity.

This is Merri, my first rattie love, the beginning of my love affair with rats and the namesake of my rattery. Thanks to her, I discovered the wonderful, intelligent nature of rats. I can't say enough about her, Captain and several others that I was blessed to have in my life over the years. Merri was allowed to free roam all day when I realized she had potty trained herself. When she had to potty, she climb back into her cage.

She loved to go for rides and would sit patiently for me on the passenger seat while I was gone and greeted me like a happy puppy when I returned. She liked to ride on my shoulder and look out the window. When I stopped at a light she would climb on the window or the steering wheel. Boy did we get the stares and "ugh" faces from adults and kids loved seeing her.

She made friends everywhere we went and won people over that were afraid of rats. She was my best buddy in the best sense of the word.

She quickly learned so many things. She came when called, walked on a leash, did tricks and she loved to give kisses on command or otherwise, ride on my shoulder, steal my school index cards and other paper which she would drag into her cage. I had a ladder for her to use to come and go.

Sadly she died of URI at 20 months of age and left a huge hole in my life. She will forever be missed.

"I don't think ma will catch me taking her papers........"


"This is some mighty interesting read'n!" I kid you not! This was Merri one night when I was reading. She came over and behaved like she was reading too! Such a character and the most intelligent rat I've had thus far, but Captain was a close second.


"Time to turn the page!"

"Watcha got there - any M&Ms?"       "Hi there cute doggie"


Captain (below).
He wasn't much of a looker - certainly not correct type, but his looks didn't matter to me. He was another one of those very special rats that capture your heart, and many of my friends' too (even none rat lovers). He became my second very special buddy, pretty much becoming like Merri except not so rambunctious. He loved to sit cradled in my arms for over an hour at a time while I petted and scratched him. He would have such a calming affect that I often fell asleep after awhile, and regardless what time of the day it was. When I woke up, I would find him sleeping or resting on the table by my chair. When I went outside he would run to the window sill and look out waiting for me to "reappear." He would run to greet me when I came home, giving lost of kisses. He was funny in that he had a habit of protesting (or remarking?) by not using the litter pan after other rats had been getting free time on "his territory!" He was taken from me by a (most likely cancer) at 18 months of age. 


"I love my hammock!"                              "I'm sorry ma......."


Asia at 5 or 6 weeks old. She is a beautiful Russian Dove capped girl. She's also sister to Abbey, Audrey, Elizabeth and Captain

Abbey (forefront), Asia and just a peak of Audrey in the back at 7 weeks.

Abbey 11 months old, outside

My keeper from the December 2007 litter, MWR B My Captain. a.k.a. "Bodhi." He was a gorgeous pearl with a fantastic personality.. The tip of his coat has gotten darker since these pictures and even more beautiful.

On the left is Elizabeth (mismarked cream bareback) and on her right is a hairless sister (formerly an Elizabeth) that was sold Emily and renamed Miss Eva. Both sweet girls. Elizabeth was quite a large girl. Elizabeth pts on May 16, 2008 due to what may have been URI symptoms. The weekend of June, 7-8, 2008, Miss Eva passed away. I was not informed of the cause.

Picture on the right was taken by Emily.

Audrey - named after one of my favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey was Captain's sister. She too was taken away too early (approximately 20 months) from cancer. She was very sweet, though
a little shy with strangers and protective of me. She was special and dearly missed.


PVR Jack-O-Lantern
a.k.a. "Jack"

Jack was a dear friend to everyone that met him. It is truly sad that his life was so short.

My daughter's "Breezer." What can I say.........Breezer was the most kissy, lovable, sweetest huge squish of a guy. We adopted him from Petco. His former owner couldn't bring him with her to college so she brought him in to be adopted. We were so fortunate to have brought him home. He was definitely one of our favorites. He left a huge hole in our hearts just as Merri, Captain, Ossie and several others.


Here was my daughter's "Ossie." Although she was from a pet store, she lived until 2.5 years. Her temperament was just as wonderful as Merri's. I wondered if Merri and Ossie were sisters since they were purchased at the same store and only a few weeks apart. One of Ossie's favorite spots was hanging out on the bed head board. Sometimes she slept with my daughter all night. Ossie had a happy 2.5 years with us. COD unknown - possibly old age.

When young (on the left). Almost an adult (on the right)

(Ossie)"MY Yogie!"

Below TEK Snowflake. She was a very sweet girl but sadly died of a head/brain cancer around 2yrs.

From Isis's only litter. "Shari"

Shari was also taken by (possible) cancer at 15 months

Below is my TEK boy Gandalf. He was a huge squishy boy! While I am not certain, because of his symptoms, it appears he died of cancer as well at 18-20 months old.

On the right is ORR "Ronald." He was a sweet boy who lived to the ripe old age of 33 months.
We had 4 extra months with him after his lump removal surgery, (I feel was) due to the vet's acupuncture treatments and massage plus the physical therapy I gave him, all which gave him back is ability to walk and be happy until he passed.   COD unknown, but we (vet & I) feel it was age related, and I don't have any doubt that rats can die of heartache. His buddy Legolas passed 3 months earlier, but our bond became stronger, and of course he was spoiled that much more.

On the right was Ronald making himself comfortable with his buddy ORR "Legolas."

Legolas aka Lego was a really sweet Himilayan boy. He had plenty of kisses to give. He passed around 3 months before Ronald. who seemed so lost without his buddy.

"Ahh, what a life!"

Sonya was dam of my first litter in June 2006 which produced: Audrey, Abbey, Asia, Captain, Elizabeth, plus 5 others that were sold. Sonya died from cancer at 20 months.

Tehya was purchased as a pet. She was a sweetie although busy until she passed from an unknown cause. She was approximately 2 years and 3 months old.

Sheena, one of her sons along with another unrelated male, were rescues from Mainely Maine Rescue in 2005. The boys passed in 2006 and Sheena in early 2007.



These 3 girls were my first rescues I adopted from Kim's Ark Rescue: Aowen, Galadriel and Ariel.


Some of the lovable girls from the past



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