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****If you do NOT want to be on the waiting list any longer please let me know!****

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If interested in any of the litters below, please: 1. Read my policies, 2. fill out my application.
Once this information is recieved and reviewed, I will contact you.

**Only same sex pairs are adopted out. I do not adopt out single rats unless you prove you already have at least one other to place it with.

**All rats are sold on a contract. **


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*Please note* The number of litters per year will be limited.
Before each planned breeding can take place I need at least 4 truly interested people on my waiting list per litter. Please go through the application process to be placed on my waiting list.


I have discovered that a person lied to me to get some of my rats, somebody who is actually a breeder. SHAME ON YOU! If you were a reputable breeder you would have been honest, and we might have been able to work something out. I am going to start being more diligent in my selection process towards adopters due to this.


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***1 Burmese Berkshire Dumbo Rex male AVAILABLE***
PLUS 2 Siamese Females (1 is a dumbo) AVAILABLE (I prefer these 2 females go together)
Born August 1 from the MWR Bram X MWR Luther litter


***1 Wheaten Burmese male AVAILABLE.***(has been a cage mate to the above male)
Born: July 28th, 2014
from the MWR Namiko (Russian Bue Burmese berkshire ) x Cama Slamdunk of MWR (Burmese double rex dumbo) litter.

The planned breedings for 2014 listed below will take place provided there are at least 4 people on the waiting list per litter. If there are at least 8 people on the waiting list, I will plan on 2 breedings simultaneously.

*The order of these listed breedings may change or some may not occur*


1. MWR Alannah (Russian Blue Burmese hooded dumbo) x FHR Tommy the Tank of MWR (Burmese self).
Expecting Burmese Berkshires

2. MWR Sapphire X MWR Dublin.
Expecting Black and Russian Blue Hooded Dumbos.

3. MWR Namiko X FHR Tommy the Tank.
Expecting Burmese with standard ears.

4. FHR Creme Brulee of MWR X FHR Tommy the Tank of MWR
Expecting Burmese Self.




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