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The Resident Boys/Breeders
Updated: March 4, 2014

R3R Cracker Jack of MWR
Cinnamon Hooded

DOB: May 18 2012
NARR: 120358/M
Health: Excellent

MWR Lord Parthibarath (Ganesh)
MWR Thunderheart X MWR Akshadha
Siamese Burmese Berkshire Dumbo

DOB: January 27, 2012
NARR: 120254/M
pictured at 9 weeks
Health: Good

FHR Tommy the Tank of MWR
Burmese Self

DOB: July 8, 2012
NARR: 140081/M
Health: Excellent

FHR Phineas Flynn of MWR
Seal point Siamese

DOB: July 28, 2013
NARR: 140082/M
Health: Excellent


MWR Thunderheart X MWR Arduinna
Black Variegated Velveteen

DOB: February 10, 2012
NARR: 120256/M
pictured at 6 weeks
Health: Good


MWR Slumdog Millionaire
Burmese Self
MWR Parthibarath X MWR LadyHawke

DOB: May 27, 2012
Health: Good

MWR Phenomenon X MWR Kanji Scribbles
Black Hooded Downunder Dumbo

DOB: February 27, 2012
NARR: 120255/M
pictured at 5 weeks.
Health: Good

MWR Phenomenon
Russian Blue Burmese Dowunder Dumbo

DOB: July 8, 2012 - Jan, 9, 2014
NARR: 120091/M
COD: old age

MWR Thunderheart
Cama Highlander of MWR X MWR Rumor Has It
Black Hooded Dumbo Velveteen

DOB: July 8, 2011 - Feb. 18, 2014
NARR: 120092/M
COD: Old age


MWR Excalibur
ANR Finnegan's Wake of MWR X MWR Elayne of Astolat
Russian Blue Blazed Berkshire Dumbo

2/16/2011 to 6/01/2013
NARR: 120084/M
Attempted breeding once, no litter. Developed 2 large tumors on his left side.

MWR Copper
Burmese Berkshire Dumbo

3/01/2011 to 6/02/2013
NARR: Never registered
Never used for breeding/



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