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Merri Whiskers Rattery breeds pet rats for sales to individuals only. I do not sell rats for feeders, nor do I sell to pet stores or pet wholesalers.

Most of the rats I adopt out are 5-6 week old babies, the normal age that babies can be separated from their mother. I do sometimes have rats from 8 weeks to adult available. The adults or young adults may be retired breeders or those I held onto to see if I wanted them in my breeding program and then decided I wouldn't use them.

* * I do not sell to breeders unless I have established prior and long-term communication and in my opnion feel you are an ethical breeder. I also check you out with other breeders I trust.


My prices as of 2013 are the same so far as my 2011 & 2012 prices: $25 (single), $45 (pair) or $65 (trio) despite the fact that their food has gone up dramatically. The funds from the adoptions are to continue to provide their food, cages, toys, veterinary care, etc. I do not make a profit. This is my hobby, because I love these little underrated pets!


Adoption Policies:

*These are also found in my adoption contract you will sign.*

I accept payments through PayPal, BUT will NOT accept eChecks. If you use a Credit Card payment through PayPal you must add $1.40 becuase I am charged a fee by PayPal.

I DO accept Regular PayPal payments (PP connected directly to your bank account) marked as "Personal", and then "Other." This way I am not charged the PayPal fee.

1. PLEASE- Make sure you can commit to an adoption. The funds are used for supplies for the rattery. I do not make any profit.

2. The rats I adopt out ARE PET ONLY. They will be registered with NARR as pets - non-breeding rats.

2. I adopt rats out in Same Sex pairs or more only. Rats are social creatures that need their own kind for company. Humans cannot provide all of a rat's need for company.

3. The adopter agrees to NEVER breed rats adopted from Merri Whiskers Rattery for any reason and to take steps necessary to prevent any accidental breedings. If for some reason there is a breeding then you MUST contact me and the mom and pups brought to me or we work something else out together to ensure the pups go to caring, proper homes.

4. The adopter agrees to keep the breeder informed about the rat(s) health and temperament at least once every 6-7 months. (This helps me keep track of how my lines are doing and what steps to take with the line.)

5. If the adopter can no longer care for or desire to keep the rats for any reason, then I MUST be contacted immdediately! The adopter MUST agree to never adopt/sell or give away the rats, to any person/s, business or other type of entity. The rats must not be abandoned, let loose or otherwise disposed of! Once I have been contacted we can discuss the best options for the rats. Most likely they will come back to me.

6. I require that all potential adopters know the basics about rat care, demonstrate the ability and willingness to provide healthy food, fresh clean water at all times, a safe and appropriate sized cage (at least 2 cubic feet per rat). I will help provide information and answer questions to ensure the proper care is given to every rat I place. Adopters under 18 years old must have parental consent to adopt the rats. The parent must be the person signing the contract. Adopters that rent or lease must provide their landlord's contact information so I can check the landlord has given permission for you to have your new rats on the premises.

7. The adopter Must provide medical care for the rats if/when needed.

8. The adoptor agrees to quarantine any new rats, including those coming from me, and to quarantine any other rats that are acquired to adequately prevent spread of any disease your new rats. Another reason for adopting in pairs or more, so no baby is left alone during quarantine.

9. Any change in the adopter's contact information Must be reported to me immediately, so I know how to contact you.

10. I reserve the right to cancel any adoption for any reason I deem fit.

11. Adoption fees may change without notice if costs for the following go up: food, bedding or cages. If I meet you part way, there will be a gas fee.



1. All babies must be picked up the week they are ready and at your scheduled appointment time. Please do not ask me to hold them for a later pick up: a week or more after they are ready to leave.

2. Do not ask me to let you adopt out a single rat that will be living alone. You must provide proof that you have another rat in order for me to adopt out a single rat.

3) I often get asked if rat pups can be adopted from different litters, even if there are a couple weeks difference in age. Yes! They certainly can.

Pick up appointments.

Pick-ups are by appointment only.

I am available at various time on some weekdays as well as some evenings from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. At this time, I am usually available at different times on the weekends. I am typically NOT available Saturday until after 3:00 pm.

If you need to reschedule, please give me at least a 24 hour notice.


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