I use Martin's cages: the R695 (pictured below), R680, R690 and a F-435.

Rat Cage Calculator This gives you a good reference to see how many rats can be housed in a certain sized cage.

If you are interested in making your own cage check out this site:

The Dapper Rat Grotto Also their small "spare cage" could be used for a carrier

Andrea's Rattie page also shows a home-made cage.


Health related:

The Rat Guide - has a wealth of information on care, health, illness, etc



Hawthorn Rat Varieties - great site showing photos and explaining the genetics of many common and uncommon colors, recognized or ot in the UK and/or USA

Spoiled Ratten Rattery Varieties - great site showing photos of Agouti and black (non-agouti) based colors, common and uncommon colors, as well as coat, ear and tail types.

Curiosity Rats Genetics Page - Explains inheritance, discusses many different varieties, and also has health information.



The Dapper Rat - a wonderful site with articles, fun stuff, pictures, and and shop for products.



These are ratteries (*in alphabetical order) I've dealt with and/or who I have found to be very ethical.

Andover Rattery - in Massachusetts. no longer breeding :-(

Camarattery in Colorado

Farmhouse Rattery in New Jersey


For Your Rats:
Many of the stores listed in the "For Rat Lovers'" section sell hammocks, so you will see some here too.

Dearpie's Hammocks
- a large variety of hammock styles and fabrics and a hundred or more fabric styles to choose from.


K's Kritter Kreations - Sewing comfortable and affordable hammocks/liners for your small pets (mainly for rats but can easily make a custom size for other small pets) Facebook page:
Rat Creations photo album:


Rat Sacs by The Rat Attack Team - a variety of different shape and sizes of hammocks



The Cozy Corner - All the fleece your rat needs: hammocks and nests for critters.



The Rat Stash - Large assortment of Gifts for Cool Fuzzies. Hammocks, Liners, Toy & Accessories. Also Discounted Hammocks for Small Animal Rescues.



For Rat Lovers:

She makes adorable rat and other rodent plushies. She can do special orders if you send her pictures of your rat.


Dawn Burke - Fancy Rat Fine Arts, Crafts and Photography.


Rat Happy
- wood plaques, memorials, snuggies and more.


- rat-related t-shirts and personalized jewelry.

aSideofCreativity - a Collection of rat-related and not, Chaotic and Random Handmade Jewelery, Hand Painted Glass, Arts and Crafts


Apes Little Paws
- Crochet Hammocks, tunnels, stuffed rats, handbags, shoulder bags, kennel pads, doggie blankets. More coming soon...t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc..

- rat inspired handmade items such as rat frames and wall art, rat candles, rat coasters, rat magnets and more.


R.A.T.S. - a unique collection of rat costumes to show off your rats in. Also some jewelry, t-shirts and more.
All to support the Rat Assistance & Teaching Society .   See items on their Facebook page:


- t-shirts, book marks, magnets, bracelet charms and more.


The Illustrat Rat - Custom art work & pendants, greeting cards, logos & banners. Also found at:* and


BRAT Rattery Crafting for bRats - Hand crocheted hammocks of all kinds and handcrafted beaded rats, also photo designed items in zazzle. Also at:


- Embroidery Items and more.


Rats Rats Rat
s - rat t-shirts and mugs and badges and cards and jewellery and posters




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