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March 21

This month I had 4 baby pups shipped in from Camarattery in CO! Two are brother and sister, both a lovely dark Russian Blue Irish dumbo. I'm thrilled to have RBs in the rattery again! The other female is a Siamese double rex dumbo and her brother, an agouti burmese rex dumbo. They are so adorable! Thank you Amy!



Happy New Year! I hope 2013 will be a great year for everyone, and another great year for my rattery.
2012 ended on a good note with a couple of successful litters after a dry spell of no females getting pregnant.
I have made plans for the 2013 breedings, but like always they are tentative.

I have created a Facebook MWR group for my adopters to share their rats' photos, stories and look for advice! If you have a FB account, I hope you'll join us! If the link doesn't work copy this link and paste it into your browser: https://www.facebook.com/groups/595922377088092/



November 18.

Finally, some news to report! I gave myself a birthday present. :-)
Today I drove to NJ to Farmhouse Rattery. Kate and I have been talking for several years, so it was wonderful to finally meet her and her family. And I am thrilled to have brought home 2 sweet males, a Seal pt Siamese and a Burmese Self to add to my rattery. Thank you Kate!

July 22.

I bought a laptop! I finally had enough cash plus a staples' card to purchase it. Nearly 2 months without a computer was driving me nuts! I hadn't been able to upload pictures and unable to work on my 2 cients' websites.


June 9.

I drove to Canada to pick up 2 new rats from Ratterie-des-3-Rives. A Cinnamon hooded male and a Russian Blue variegated dumbo female! They should make nice additions to the rattery. I lost my last cinnamon months ago so am glad to have another in the rattery.






February 25, 2011

WOW, it's been such a long time since I updated the website!
I finally graduated from UNH at Manchester in December. Hurrah!
I had my surgery in January and am healing very well. I am just now able to slowly resume some of my normal activities. Guess that means I won't have a good excuse to get help in the rattery from my daughter. Sigh.

Ok, I am officially sick of snow! I don't participate in outdoor winter sports, etc, so I am anxiously awaiting for spring. This snow bank is actually 8 feet high.

We had a little melting over the past week, so the bank is now just below my car's roof. Unfortunately, today we recieved another 3 inches. :-(

There hadn't been any litters for what seems like a very long time, as there were very few in 2010. However, I hope that will change this year or I will lose a couple of lines. The year has a good start with 2 litters on the ground now. Other pairings have been made recently so keeping fingers crossed the females were not too old to have their first litter.

In 2010 I had been training my dog, Drako in narcotic search and attended a protection seminar by a well-known trainer. Drako loves to work and performs extremely well.

On the other hand, my daughter hit a snag with Xena's behavior in agility, so they did not start competing last year. :-( Hopefully it'll be straightened out so they can get out there this year.


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