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NH's breeder of Burmese, Black-eyed Siamese, Downunders and Russian Blue.

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My Specialties - Information about varieties I am currently working with, working to produce and perfect.

One of the first few rats that I had from a breeder in 2004 was a Seal-point Siamese, Legolas. Legolas was never bred. I had him and his cage mate neutered because of their fighting. I really liked the look of the Siamese back then, but it wasn't a variety I was planning on specializing in. I went without a Siamese until 2008. In late 2008, I brought a black-eyed Siamese pair in from CAMA in Colorado. I only bred the male once before the breeder informed me of a health issue (tumor) in the line. I have since been working on eliminating the problem instead of ending the line. My efforts are producing positive results. Unfortunately, in the outcrossing I've done, I've brought in some unwanted berkshire markings. So now I am working on eliminating this marking to produce correct Siamese Selfs. I am also working on improving the points on them. of Siamese.

Russian blue.
The Russian blue is one of my specialties. This color I've had right from the beginning. I typically have Russian I typically have blue berkshires, variberks, variegated, but also have had bareback and capped. I am working on improving the intensity of the color to a very deep blue.

Hooded downunders.
In 2008, I brought in the first Downunders into the region from the same breeder, CAMA. They are one of my favorite. I continue to work with them, and am conitnually trying to improve their belly - downunder marking. Each generation is improving!

Then in 2009 I brought in my first Burmese. Again from CAMA! I love the look of the Burmese shades! These are one of my favorite colors to work with, and they've been a work in progress ever since. I had brought over a couple of Burmese Selfs, but have since lost those to berkshires in my quest to produce a Burmese hooded downunder. I am working on bringing back the Self now. Of the Burmese shades, the Sable Burmese and Russian Blue Burmese are my favorites.

Markings: My specialties are the hooded, downunders, variegated, and variberks. Although I don't breed for these occasionally I have bareback and capped.



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